Making A Difference (MAD) Academy provides relevant and engaging courses that allows the everyday person to gain knowledge and skills in the content areas of choice. We provide relevant and engaging material to not only expose you to different skills, but we use the various principles of teaching to help you retain the information.

Our various courses are designed for the following levels:

Novice-No prior learning experience in the content area so the courses will try to expose new information in smaller chunks to help you retain the content and skills. Basically, we are leading you to the "water (information)" to drink!

Basic- You have some knowledge of the basic vocabulary, some experience, but may be stuck on how to take the "water" you have and apply it.

Skilled- You may have a background in the area of the courses you're taking, but looking for more ways to take the certification or degrees you have and monetize it! You're trying to drink, share, and then drink some more!

Our courses use a hands-on learning approach through various assignments, slide decks, discussion boards, quizzes, videos, suggested readings, and some live classes to reinforce the information and allow for collaboration. We not only want to expose you to the information, we want you to really grasp and learn it! Our motto is finding your purpose and those things you are passionate about can bring profit! We want to teach you how to maximize your expertise and make MONEY!!!

Note that signing up for your school will add students to your Users list, but they will still need to enroll in specific courses and coaching products of their choice to access your content.

"The courses are engaging with videos, worksheets, and course assignments. I really feel like I'm learning valuable information and my learning style is considered."

- Alex

Grant Writing Client Testimonial

"I joined your grant writing workshop and I must say it was very helpful. The way you engaged with us was great. A lot of times I have so many questions , but, I felt comfortable asking those questions. I learned a lot and I am ready to apply that knowledge. Thank you! You're a great teacher."~ Lakeshia

Growing A K-12 Program

"I was able to secure my first $50,000 school based contract using the information from your class. This is definitely a game-changer."

Business Coaching

"Your coaching program has allowed me to add an additional revenue stream to my small business and increase sales to over 6 figures!"- Courtney

Hi, I’m Angela, and about 13 years ago I was working in a space that was crippling my creativity, family time, and passion for helping others, not to mention I wasn't being fully compensated for all of the amazing work that I was doing.


Like so many others, I knew I had to change something or I was going to burn out quickly! I loved being a social worker, but, like a lot of people in the helping fields, we are overworked, undervalued, and underpaid!